A Moment of Awkward Silence…

um… Hi! I have yet again let my blog languish for a few months. My bad.

As I hurdle towards my 35th birthday, I am once again reminded that I’m “getting up there an age.” There is an Atlantic article pointing out a cringeworthy mistake my generation is apparently guilty of: the millennial pause. My question: Are we really supposed to care?

There are a million other things to be concerned with: climate change, decreasing bodily autonomy, the pandemic, the economy…

The media loves pigeonholing our generations and starting fake wars between us; it’s gotten a bit tired. So, some of us wait a beat before speaking on-camera; is that really such a big deal? It’s almost like they want something else to be annoyed about. Muy petty, if you ask me.

It’s extremely weird being constantly told that I’m doing stuff that makes me seem old when I don’t feel adulty enough: my husband and I are still not financially stable enough to take a tropical week-long vacation every year, we haven’t quite figured out what we’re doing career-wise, and we have yet to host Thanksgiving at our condo. It’s ok though, we are healthy and happy and are making it a habit to take a deep breath and live in the moment as often as possible. I guess pausing ain’t so bad after all…?

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