A Moment of Awkward Silence…

um… Hi! I have yet again let my blog languish for a few months. My bad.

As I hurdle towards my 35th birthday, I am once again reminded that I’m “getting up there an age.” There is an Atlantic article pointing out a cringeworthy mistake my generation is apparently guilty of: the millennial pause. My question: Are we really supposed to care?

There are a million other things to be concerned with: climate change, decreasing bodily autonomy, the pandemic, the economy…

The media loves pigeonholing our generations and starting fake wars between us; it’s gotten a bit tired. So, some of us wait a beat before speaking on-camera; is that really such a big deal? It’s almost like they want something else to be annoyed about. Muy petty, if you ask me.

It’s extremely weird being constantly told that I’m doing stuff that makes me seem old when I don’t feel adulty enough: my husband and I are still not financially stable enough to take a tropical week-long vacation every year, we haven’t quite figured out what we’re doing career-wise, and we have yet to host Thanksgiving at our condo. It’s ok though, we are healthy and happy and are making it a habit to take a deep breath and live in the moment as often as possible. I guess pausing ain’t so bad after all…?


I’ve had a good Summer, COVID be damned.

I went to California for the first time with my husband last month, and we had a great time. We ate tacos almost every day and got more than our fair share of vitamin D in San Diego. Palm trees and margaritas… what more can you ask for?

As Fall comes creeping around the corner, I’m already pondering on the inevitability of a long stretch of indoor activities. But that’s ok, I’m looking forward to a change of pace, even if that means continuing to don a mask. Hotels are cheaper in the cooler months, which means we can get back to one of our favorite self-care practices: taking staycations.

There’s something calming about taking a weekend away, even when it’s not far from home. Some of my favorite perks are the little things… like not having to make the bed, taking a shower in a bathroom that’s nicer than ours, blackout curtains, and cable TV. Plus it’s kinda fun to explore an area through the eyes of a tourist.

I have a few tips for those of you who want to follow suit:

  • Try to pack light. Remember, you’re only going for a night. No need to bring 2 extra pairs of shoes, nor your entire medicine cabinet.
  • Keep an eye on the weather. Bring a sweater or jacket for chillier night temperatures.
  • Must haves: an extra pair of cozy socks (use them as bedroom shoes), disinfectant wipes for the remote and other common surfaces, phone charger
  • And most importantly: ENJOY YOURSELF!


People deal with stress in different ways. My method of choice may not be seen as “healthy,” exactly, but it works for me.

I have to vent.

Writing is fine, listening to music is great, but nothing quite hits the spot like running down my list of gripes out loud, regardless of whether I’m telling my husband, a friend, or the empty space around me.

Something about flinging my words about – hearing the frustration instead of seeing it – really helps me blow off steam. It’s way more satisfying than writing stuff down in my journal, or typing it up in a blog post.

For instance, let’s say I get an e-mail from someone that is condescending in tone and petty in nature. Depending on who it’s from, and the amount of history behind the subject matter, I might just have the urge to hurl a few angry epithets through the air instead of responding with the same level of petty in e-mail form.  Now that I work from home (as many of us do) I can scream at the computer from the comfort of my dining room table without fear of reproach. No “I’m gonna need you to log off” HR situations lurk in the realm of possibility when no one is around to hear you tell your coworker to shut up from your couch.

As much as I’d like to have my anger subside after a few deep breaths, that is not quite my style, at this current stage in my life. Who knows, maybe I’ll change. Maybe I’ll become more wise and more zen as I age. But for now, this process is the go-to. My mouth hasn’t gotten me kicked out of any establishments, nor has it landed me in any wild brawls. So as the adage goes: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Treat yoself.

Look, I know self-care is important. I’m not getting any younger, and though I’m not at the age where I’m looking to rejuvenate myself with this or that product, I’m definitely more aware of the fact that doing a few simple things daily – drinking water, getting 7ish hours of sleep, flossing – will pay off on the long run. But when it comes to things that take a biiit more effort, I can get a little lazy. For instance, I only get my eyebrows waxed when I’m at the nail salon. And I only go to the nail salon a few times a year, like right before a big event or a trip. I’d love to get a pedicure more often than the 2 times I go in the summer (don’t judge me) but by the time I’ve factored in the Metro fare back and forth, the pedi money, and the tip, my bank account is already frowning. I can be a bit cheap; it’s true. But get me in a mall during Black Friday, and all that goes out the window. *sigh…* It’s cool though, I’m slowly getting into the habit of allowing myself to spend money on things that aren’t as tangible as clothes. Because you can do your pedicure at home, but it NEVER looks as good as when your favorite nail lady does em. #facts

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