RANT: On Parenthood

It’s… sad how people in power try to make it as difficult as possible to NOT have a child. They’ll outlaw abortion, push abstinence-only education, and condone rape culture. Then the medical industry makes birth control expensive for those that need it most, and makes it difficult to refill your prescription for it even when you’ve been on it for years (no yearly pap smear = no refill!). And God forbid you ask to get your tubes tied before your DOCTOR thinks it’s a good time. They’ll question and prod and scold and then begrudgingly do the procedure after warning you that there’s no going back… like you don’t know this ahead of time. All this, and then you have to deal with friends, family, even people that barely know you telling you that it’s practically your duty to populate the earth… that your life has waaaaay less meaning if you never become a mother.

Why is this a thing? Why is there so much pressure on women to have children, for the sake of the planet, their partner, their parents, the EARTH?! Last time I checked, my ovaries are mine and mine alone. Get out of my pants.

I’m glad to hear that tech is finally taking things into their own hands and making it easier for us to take care of our bodies – in less time, and with less money. Apps have recently been launched that allow us to get birth control prescribed and sent to us in a matter of days, even hours. And virtual doctor visits have finally become a thing. Because who wants to take an uber halfway across the earth,  wait waste an hour, pay a $30 copay, and then uber back home to obtain something that should be able to be picked up on the way home from work?? As if!

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