I STILL Don’t Know What Curl Type I Am

I’m sure my struggle is nothing new. I get it; many people are not sure what products work best on their hair. So when the curl guide started becoming a popular tool used to gain clarity on the best styling products, I got excited. But that excitement slowly faded as I realized that I didn’t know what curl type my hair falls under. I know I have some 4b and 4c at the nape of my neck. My Denman brush is my weapon of choice when it comes to tackling a twist-out, and it does a great job overall (despite the inevitable shrinkage).

There are wayyy too many hair quizzes online. I’ve taken a few, and I still feel lost as hell. I thought I was 4c, straight up, until two of my friends vehemently disputed my case. As I did more research, I realized that my curl definition was closer to the B range.

I’m following a few black hair bloggers on Instagram now, so I feel a lot more at ease about my hair. Seeing other women with similar hair textures try different styles and products helps me figure out what might work for mine (and guides me on how to spend my coins!)

Whatever my hair pattern is, I am saving myself a lot of money, time, and stress by doing my hair myself. I’ve been perfecting my craft and am now able to wash, condition, detangle, and twist my hair in under 3 hours, most days. I used to spend half my day in the salon chair, so needless to say, that is a vast improvement. To all my coily-headed folks: don’t give up! This road is full of twists and turns, but it’s well worth the journey.

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