Just like old tidings…

Christmas isn’t the same when you become an adult. One day after my family and I finished opening presents, a couple years ago, it dawned on me. Usually, I receive a couple pieces of jewelry, maybe a book, and at least one article of clothing. It kinda bothered me that beyond opening those gifts, there was nothing to do with them until a later date.

As a kid, you carefully complied a list of all the things you wanted. Then you waited with growing anticipation for weeks to open those gifts that were so carefully wrapped and arranged under the tree, just so. Christmas morning, it was ON! And then you played with your new stuff for hours on end, only taking breaks to eat. I really miss that. There wasn’t the interruption of taking photos and posting them on social media, or responding to text messages from friends… just pure, unabashed immersion in whatever awesome item you’d begged for from “Santa.” So this year, I wanted to indulge my inner child a bit. I asked hubby to buy me a couple of LEGO sets. Let the nostalgia begin!

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