Bag Lady…

If there’s anything I love to talk about, it’s bags. Over the years, my bag collection has grown and shrunk many times. As my needs have changed, so has my collection. Though I tend to keep a few bags in neutral colors and one or two “fun” ones, I have found that a few silhouettes have more staying power than others. In the next couple of posts, I’ll provide a few tips for buying bags that will stand the test of time.

Your lifestyle should be a big factor when bag shopping. I work a 9-5, so on most days, I carry a bag that can carry the essentials – my makeup bag, my wallet, my phone, and my keys – as well as a couple other things that change from day to day: my lunch, an umbrella. My go-to bags for Monday through Friday are usually totes, one of my favorites being a navy blue, sleek leather tote by BAGGU. (At one point, I had this bag in navy, black, and cognac, as seen in my photo). It is simple and low-maintenance, yet can easily transition to a happy hour setting. It also has zero exterior hardware, which is an added bonus because I’m matchy-matchy when it comes to jewelry and the like.

The other bag that I carry a lot during the week is a black, nylon East-West tote by Cole Haan. It is super lightweight, and has a few handy pockets, including one zippered one on the front. Its setup makes it ideal for travel; I’ve used it as my carry-on bag for a few vacations.

So, whether you need a bag for a day job in the city, or an ever-changing schedule full of travel, a durable, minimalistic tote is a good place to start.







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