The way of the word

If you know me, you know that I’m kinda awkward. I’m not one of those people that can walk up to others and start an intriguing  conversation on the spot. I have a tendency to overthink everything from my outfits to my mother’s text messages.

That being said, social media has definitely made it easier for me  to express myself and connect with others. Even if I change my mind about something I’ve said, I can edit it or delete it. Woohoo!

As much as I appreciate the conveniences of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, I definitely see their weaknesses. Scrolling through one another’s feeds makes us feel like we are active participants in our friends’ lives. We can see photos from their adventures, laugh at their jokes, and express sympathy when they deliver sad news. But it’s not the same as hanging out with them. Social media outlets create an illusion of closeness that we have become comfortable with. No need to meet to catch up when you can get caught up on Facebook, right?

Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with it all, so I take periodic breaks from my screens. My favorite way to catch up with close friends is at a rooftop bar on a warm night over cocktails, so that’s been my go-to as of late. In this fast-paced world of swiping right and clicking “like,” it’s important to dedicate time to our relationships, minus the media.


RANT: On Parenthood

It’s… sad how people in power try to make it as difficult as possible to NOT have a child. They’ll outlaw abortion, push abstinence-only education, and condone rape culture. Then the medical industry makes birth control expensive for those that need it most, and makes it difficult to refill your prescription for it even when you’ve been on it for years (no yearly pap smear = no refill!). And God forbid you ask to get your tubes tied before your DOCTOR thinks it’s a good time. They’ll question and prod and scold and then begrudgingly do the procedure after warning you that there’s no going back… like you don’t know this ahead of time. All this, and then you have to deal with friends, family, even people that barely know you telling you that it’s practically your duty to populate the earth… that your life has waaaaay less meaning if you never become a mother.

Why is this a thing? Why is there so much pressure on women to have children, for the sake of the planet, their partner, their parents, the EARTH?! Last time I checked, my ovaries are mine and mine alone. Get out of my pants.

I’m glad to hear that tech is finally taking things into their own hands and making it easier for us to take care of our bodies – in less time, and with less money. Apps have recently been launched that allow us to get birth control prescribed and sent to us in a matter of days, even hours. And virtual doctor visits have finally become a thing. Because who wants to take an uber halfway across the earth,  wait waste an hour, pay a $30 copay, and then uber back home to obtain something that should be able to be picked up on the way home from work?? As if!

That’s so clutch!

Back again with more advice on one of my favorite topics! I’m kinda picky when it comes to style, so a looooot of thought goes into most of my bag purchases.

It’s always good to have a transitional bag in your collection. If you have a bag that can easily go from day to night, and/or that works for a variety of occasions, it is usually a better investment than a bag that serves only one purpose. A good example is a leather clutch in a neutral color. Black, brown, taupe, and grey are all smart choices. Even leopard print is a fun, classic option that will go with a lot of items in most of our wardrobes. Make sure it’s large enough to carry the basics, but not big enough to be a burden. The clutches I carry need to be able to hold a slim card case, a small makeup bag, my phone, and my keys at the very least. I’m not sure how some folks can carry those itty bitty bags that can barely hold a phone…! I need something functional; I legit don’t leave the house without lipgloss.

As much as I’d love a designer clutch to carry to brunches and date nights, I’m not (currently) in the market for a pricey bag. So for now, I’ll stick to the brands that are a little more budget-friendly. I’ll link a few cuties below, including one that’s under $75.

P.S. The one in my photo is an older Cole Haan pouch that is sold out.


Bag Lady…

If there’s anything I love to talk about, it’s bags. Over the years, my bag collection has grown and shrunk many times. As my needs have changed, so has my collection. Though I tend to keep a few bags in neutral colors and one or two “fun” ones, I have found that a few silhouettes have more staying power than others. In the next couple of posts, I’ll provide a few tips for buying bags that will stand the test of time.

Your lifestyle should be a big factor when bag shopping. I work a 9-5, so on most days, I carry a bag that can carry the essentials – my makeup bag, my wallet, my phone, and my keys – as well as a couple other things that change from day to day: my lunch, an umbrella. My go-to bags for Monday through Friday are usually totes, one of my favorites being a navy blue, sleek leather tote by BAGGU. (At one point, I had this bag in navy, black, and cognac, as seen in my photo). It is simple and low-maintenance, yet can easily transition to a happy hour setting. It also has zero exterior hardware, which is an added bonus because I’m matchy-matchy when it comes to jewelry and the like.

The other bag that I carry a lot during the week is a black, nylon East-West tote by Cole Haan. It is super lightweight, and has a few handy pockets, including one zippered one on the front. Its setup makes it ideal for travel; I’ve used it as my carry-on bag for a few vacations.

So, whether you need a bag for a day job in the city, or an ever-changing schedule full of travel, a durable, minimalistic tote is a good place to start.







Just like old tidings…

Christmas isn’t the same when you become an adult. One day after my family and I finished opening presents, a couple years ago, it dawned on me. Usually, I receive a couple pieces of jewelry, maybe a book, and at least one article of clothing. It kinda bothered me that beyond opening those gifts, there was nothing to do with them until a later date.

As a kid, you carefully complied a list of all the things you wanted. Then you waited with growing anticipation for weeks to open those gifts that were so carefully wrapped and arranged under the tree, just so. Christmas morning, it was ON! And then you played with your new stuff for hours on end, only taking breaks to eat. I really miss that. There wasn’t the interruption of taking photos and posting them on social media, or responding to text messages from friends… just pure, unabashed immersion in whatever awesome item you’d begged for from “Santa.” So this year, I wanted to indulge my inner child a bit. I asked hubby to buy me a couple of LEGO sets. Let the nostalgia begin!

Treat yoself.

Look, I know self-care is important. I’m not getting any younger, and though I’m not at the age where I’m looking to rejuvenate myself with this or that product, I’m definitely more aware of the fact that doing a few simple things daily – drinking water, getting 7ish hours of sleep, flossing – will pay off on the long run. But when it comes to things that take a biiit more effort, I can get a little lazy. For instance, I only get my eyebrows waxed when I’m at the nail salon. And I only go to the nail salon a few times a year, like right before a big event or a trip. I’d love to get a pedicure more often than the 2 times I go in the summer (don’t judge me) but by the time I’ve factored in the Metro fare back and forth, the pedi money, and the tip, my bank account is already frowning. I can be a bit cheap; it’s true. But get me in a mall during Black Friday, and all that goes out the window. *sigh…* It’s cool though, I’m slowly getting into the habit of allowing myself to spend money on things that aren’t as tangible as clothes. Because you can do your pedicure at home, but it NEVER looks as good as when your favorite nail lady does em. #facts

Post Uno

It seems a little weird that I’m starting this blog at the end of the year. It may be the end of 2017, but I feel like I’m at a point where a lot of things are just beginning for me. For starters, I turned 30 a few months ago. Big milestone, right? Well, yes and no. At 30, I definitely feel like I can put a firm wedge between myself and millennials who are in the age range of 20-25. I’m married, have a “REAL” job with benefits, transfer money into my savings account on each payday, rarely stay out past midnight, and am researching the ins and out of home ownership. I’m fucking adulting. Big time.

Even with all these big girl responsibilities, sometimes I really can’t relate to some of my friends who are in the same age bracket. This blog will serve as a sounding board for all those in-betweeny feelings, celebrations, and frustrations.

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